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Sneaky Sneakers // "It's Gonna Get You"
Artvark Saxophone Quartet // "Trance"
Artvark Saxophone Quartet // "Bluestories"
Delmontis // "Straightforward Fascination"
Schnauzer Radio Orchestra // "Robot Cocktail Party"
Ocobar // "Strange Flute"
Artvark Saxophone Quartet ft. Ntjam Rosie // "Homelands"
OOTB // "Out Of The Blues (Celebrating The Music of Oliver Nelson)"
Schnauzer Radio Orchestra // "Music For A 50s Video Game"
The Turner Group // "Case Closed"
The Jazzinvaders // "3"
Black Tie Electrons // "Disco Of Decay"
Jaffa // "Echoes"
Dicke Luft // "Carillon"
Delfos // "Road Trip"
De muziek uit de film "Het Leven Is Vurrukkulluk"
JB Meijers // "The Secret Year"
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